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Sustainability at Universities - Opportunities, Challenges and Trends


Walter Leal Filho

Sustainability is widely defined as «the ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs». However, the goal of managing today’s resources so that they may be available to future generations is not easy to reach. Indeed, in order to achieve this ambitious goal, it is important that universities – similar to other sectors of society – become engaged in the sustainability debate, not superficially as it has largely been the case until now, but in a manner not seen before.
This book provides a concrete contribution towards the goal of fostering sustainability at universities, by especially focusing on opportunities, challenges and trends. It contains a wide range of papers written by university lecturers, professors, students and practitioners, as well as practical projects, which illustrate some of the latest trends and future perspectives related to sustainability in higher education. It was prepared as part of the project JELARE (Joint European-Latin American Universities Renewable Energy Project), funded by ALFA III, an EU programme of co-operation between the European Union and Latin America, in the framework of higher education and training.
This book is meant to inform, inspire and engage all members of the University community in the wide debate on how the principles of sustainable development may be implemented into practice. Produced mid-way in the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, led by UNESCO, it serves the purpose of documenting and disseminating current initiatives all round the world, also paving the way for new ones.
Contents: Anne Sibbel: Implications of Sustainability for Training Nutritionists for the 21st Century – Suppachart Tantisureeporn/Leisa J. Armstrong: Introducing a New Technology to Enhance Community Sustainability - An Investigation of the Possibilities of Sun Spots – Joyce Hendricks/Vicki Cope/Maureen Harris: Pragmatic Truths - When Ritual Meets the Reality of Community Engagement – Niranjali Jayasuriya: Teaching Sustainable Stormwater Management Using Project Based Learning – John Renner/Jim Cross: Community Engagement for Sustainability: An Invitation and a Challenge to all Universities – Joshua M. Pearce/Eleanor E. ter Horst: Service Learning for Sustainable Development in Foreign Languages – Will Turner: Developing and Sustaining Perpetual School University Partnerships – Sharifah Norhaidah Syed Idros/Abdul Rashid Mohamed: Greening the Teacher Education Program at Universiti Sains Malaysia - A Report on Baseline Studies – Pamela Robinson: Teaching Urban Sustainability - New Approaches for Emerging Needs – Alessandra Pavesi/Carmen Roselaine de Oliveira Farias/Haydée Torres de Oliveira: Greening Higher Education as a Procedure of Institutional Learning – Danielle P. Smyth/Arthur L. Fredeen/Annie L. Booth/David J. Connell: Waste Management and Sustainability at ‘Canada’s Green University’TM – Michael A. Reiter/Patrick C. Coggins/Mark E. Howse: Designing an Integrated Environmental Science Curriculum Using an IRMA Chart – María Novo/M. Angeles Murga: Environmental Education of Key People for Sustainable Development: a Case-Study – Rodrigo Lozano/Ken Peattie: Developing a Tool to Audit Curricula Contributions to Sustainable Development – Heather Burns: Skilled in Sustainability - Teaching Sustainability in Skills-Based Courses – Luis Velazquez/Nora Munguía/Andrea Zavala/Javier Esquer: Sustainability Leadership by Implementing the ISO 14001 Framework on a Latin-American Campus – Alfred Posch: International Cooperation in Higher Education by Means of a Joint Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development – Deborah Schneiderman/Kara Freihoefer: Integrating Sustainability into Design Curriculum – Diane Pruneau/Abdellatif Khattabi/Joanne Langis/Charline Vautour: Educating and Communicating about Climate Change - Challenges and Possibilities – Melf-Hinrich Ehlers/Vanesa Castàn Broto/Maya K. Gislason: Interdisciplinary Research Approaches to Sustainability - the Young Scientists’ Perspective – Dianne Chambers: Assessing & Planning for Environmental Sustainability - A Framework for Institutions of Higher Education – Juliet Willetts/Naomi Carrard/Jade Herriman: Transdisciplinarity: Realising its Potential to Support Effective Postgraduate Sustainability Teaching and Learning – Walter Leal Filho: Sustainability at Universities - Opportunities, Challenges and Trends.