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«History is Mostly Repair and Revenge»

Discourses of/on History in Literature in English


Liliana Sikorska

Literature in English is a term that has recently appeared to include both English literature in the traditional sense of the word and all the newly emerging literatures written and published in English whose authors may represent various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This series as well as the yearly Literature in English Symposium (LIES) organized by the Department of English Literature and Literary Linguistics, the School of English at Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań (Poland), respond to the current interest in wider mapping of English literature. Each year the symposium is devoted to a particular topic linked with the interests of an invited writer, whose presentation we also publish. The volume is devoted to the discourses of/on history as is the main area of interest of Adam Thorpe.
Contents: Liliana Sikorska: Adam Thorpe. An introduction –Adam Thorpe: Turning the confusion into art: History and fiction – Sabine Heinz: Major developments of the English literatures in Ireland and Wales and their interplay with history – Frank Swannack: The abuse of History in Marlowe’s Tamburlaine part one and Spenser’s A view of the state of Ireland – Neus Rotger: The uses of history in the early Gothic romance – Joanna Maciulewicz: «Questions of things done in Publick as well as in Private»: The analysis of Daniel Defoe’s Memoirs of a cavalier – Maria Fengler: Revising the rising: Irish history in Roddy Doyle’s A star called Henry – Łukasz Giezek: Eternal past: Peter Ackroyd’s rewriting of history in The Lambs of London – Ryszard Bartnik: (Im)possibility of escape - traumatic residues of the past in the post-Troubles Northern Irish novel – Marcin Cieniuch: To will one myth out, to will a different one into histoty - contemporary Irish history written through the classics in the poetry of Michael Longley and Seamus Heaney – Grzegorz Czemiel: «History’s broken mirrors»: Ciaran Carson’s and Paul Muldoon’s redressing of the past – Liliana Sikorska: «The free and easy»: An interview with Anne Haverty.