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Parochialism, Pluralism, and Contextualization

Challenges to Adventist Mission in Europe (19 th -21 st Centuries)


David J. B. Trim and Daniel Heinz

The transplantation of Adventism to Europe presented the young American-based denomination with great challenges. Often referred to as an «American sect», the foreignness of Adventism in Europe has been one of the greatest single hindrances to the accomplishment of its mission. In addition to addressing historical questions regarding evangelization efforts, the various essays also give insight into contemporary aspects of Adventist outreach in Europe. This book ultimately aspires to awaken the reader’s understanding and interest for the complexity and diversity of the European Adventist existence. The articles do not arrive at any final conclusive results; rather they are to be seen as contributions to the discussion in the current missiological and interconfessional debate.
Contents: David J. B. Trim: Adventist Mission in Europe in Historical Perspective: A Word of Introduction – Harry H. Leonard: The Adventist Rubicon: John N. Andrews and the Mission to Europe – Daniel Heinz: The Development of Seventh-day Adventist Missionary Dynamic in Europe: Assessing the Contributions of Michael B. Czechowski, John N. Andrews, and Ludwig R. Conradi – Erich W. Baumgartner: Charisma and Contextualization: Leadership Lessons from the Emerging Adventist Church in Central Europe, 1864-1914 – Daniel Heinz: The Pietist Roots of Early German Adventism – Christopher Peake: Seventh-day Adventists in Britain in Relation to Their Host Community in the Early 20th Century – Roswith Gerloff: Adventism or Advent Hope? Missiological Implications by an Outside Observer – Keith A. Francis: Seventh-day Adventism’s Reaction to Vatican II – Reinder Bruinsma: Seventh-day Adventists and Other Christians: An Appraisal of the Current Situation – Roland Minnerath: Religious Pluralism and Proselytism among Christian Churches: A Roman Catholic Voice – Bert B. Beach: Evangelism and Proselytism: Religious Liberty, Ecumenical and Interfaith Challenges – Daniel Belvedere: European Christianity from Persecution to Pluralism: An Evaluation from a New Testament Perspective – Frank M. Hasel: The Challenge of Religious Pluralism – Peter Roennfeldt: Can Adventism Learn the Language of Europe? – Daniel Heinz: Epilogue: A Passion for Mission.