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Nigerian English Phonology

A Preference Grammar


Ugo Ugorji

Nigerian English Phonology is a stimulating volume on the world concern for English as a global language. In addition to contributing to the sociolinguistics of New Englishes, it contributes to their pedagogy. It employs the theoretical model of Preference Grammar to define the status of phonological elements. The book represents a vital contribution to the endonormative stabilisation of Nigerian English, among the canons of national varieties of English recognised worldwide. The results importantly yield materials for a normative inventory, essential to the pedagogical phonology of Nigerian English. This outcome bridges the gap between the erstwhile exogenous focus and the development of an indigenous one, and preserves the cultural democratisation of nations and communities enshrined in the philosophy of New Englishes. Students, researchers, language experts and educators, etc. who are interested in sociolinguistics, phonology, contact linguistics, language corpus planning and standardisation, will find this book valuable for understanding Nigerian English and New Englishes.
Contents: Sociolinguistics – Phonology – Pedagogy – Nigerian English – New Englishes – Contact Linguistics – Acrolectal Speech, Mesolectal Speech – Basilectal Speech – Endonormative Stabilisation – Indigenisation – Formalisation – Nigerian Pidgin – Phonological Typologies – Sound Inventory – Speech Sounds – Prosody – Prominence – Intonation – Pitch – Sound Quality and Quantity – Nationalism – Preference Grammar – International Acceptance – International Markedness – Official Language – National Language – Optimality Theory.