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Across Centuries and Cultures

Musicological Studies in Honor of Joachim Braun

Kevin Karnes and Levi Sheptovitsky

In this volume, twenty-three scholars pay tribute to the life and work of Joachim Braun with musicological essays covering the breadth of Professor Braun’s several fields of research. Topics covered include Jewish music and music in ancient Israel/Palestine, musical cultures of the Baltic States, and the historical study of musical instruments. Its collected essays range in approach from archival to analytical and from iconographic to critical, and consider a wide range of subjects, including the music of Jewish displaced persons during and after World War II, Roman and Byzantine organology, medieval hymnody, and Soviet musical life under Stalin.
Contents: Amnon Shiloah: King David and the Devil, Initiators of Two Kinds of Music – Mira Waner: Ethnic/Religious Distinction Versus Syncretism in the Musical Culture of Roman and Byzantine Sepphoris: A Case Study in the Musical Culture of Ancient Israel – Jan Stęszewski: Mündliche Musiktradition der Juden in Polen: Forschungsaufgaben, Ausgangspunkte, Methodik, Informations- und Quellen-Forschungsstand – Alexander Knapp: The Little Goat Meets the Little Chicken: Parallels Between Two Celebratory Songs in the Jewish and Bukharan Traditions – Bret Werb: Vu ahin zol ikh geyn? Music of Jewish Displaced Persons – Rachel Kollender: Jewish Music in the Holocaust as an Assertion of Plural Identities – Kevin C. Karnes: «Where Space Becomes Time»: Music, Landscape, and Memory in the Latvian Rock Opera Lāčtplēsis – Mikus Čeže: Latvijas Nacionālā Opera und ihre Geburtsdeutungen. Das Problem von deplazierten Jubiläen – Dagmāra Beitnere: Musicology and Power in the Discourse of Soviet Latvian History and Memory – Rūta Stanevičiūtė: Écriture féminine? On Some Intertextual Gestures in Works by Contemporary Lithuanian Women Composers – Vizbulīte Bērziņa: «On a Road to Hell»: Jēkabs Graubiņš and the Soviet Regime – Werner Bachmann: Die skythisch-sarmatische Harfe aus Olbia: Vorbericht zur Rekonstruktion eines unveröffentlichten und im Kriege verschollenen Musikinstruments – Zdravko Blažeković: Perseus, the Harp, and the Scimitar: Iconographic Confusion as Evidence for Early Terminology for the Harp – Myrna Herzog: The Division Viol: An Overview: Levon Hakobian: Octoëchos as an Idea: On the Example of Medieval Armenian Sacred Hymnody – Dagmar Hoffmann-Axthelm: Simone Martini’s Investiture of St. Martin: An Iconographical Approach – Fabio Carboni/Agostino Ziino: Una raccolta di mottetti per Leone X: una scoperta e nuove osservazioni – Levi Sheptovitsky: Two Chromatic Fantasias by John Dowland: Were They Composed as a Pair? – Wolfgang Ruf: Religiöse Musik und Politik: Die Aufführung von Händels «Messias» in Berlin 1786 – Bathia Churgin: Beethoven and the New Development-Theme in Sonata-Form Movements – Frans C. Lemaire : Dimitri Chostakovitch : Rester et résister – Tatyana Kurysheva: Music Criticism as an Art of Perception.