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From Gaul to De Gaulle

An Outline of French Civilization


Monique Wagner

This text is a concise publication on France, the land, its people and its great contribution to world culture. It contains a chronological account of the most important events which have shaped France and the French society in the course of centuries and a compact overview of the country’s arts and letters. It is a guide to places of interest, historic sites, famous monuments and art treasures and provides essential information for all those interested in France. It is suitable for use as a college manual of French Civilization, a «companion to French studies» and a «travel companion» to sophisticated visitors of France. It is the first history of French civilization in English, an invaluable reference tool for scholars, and a must for libraries.
Contents: A Survey of French Civilization: geography, history, arts, literature, society, institutions, including a list of «things to see» and followed by a list of «things to remember», an Appendix with excerpts from selected literary masterpieces and a brief Chronology.