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The Road to Europe

History, Institutions and Prospects of European Integration 1945-1993

David W. P. Lewis

Western European unification is one of the great political and economic achievements of the 20th century. Embracing complex components and influences, both internal and external, this book shows how Europe has been built, year by year, institution by institution, in defiance of history and cultural diversity. Union is seen not so much as a fixed objective but as a dynamic process, shaped and buffeted by the dreams and fears of federalists and nationalists, by superpower confrontation and by regional conflict. This comprehensive study examines new institutions; social, economic, cultural and security issues; and the consequences of integration for Eastern Europe and the United States. While jealously conserving its independent national cultures, Europe arises today as a new superpower with an original type of government. The Road to Europe presents these interwoven issues with historic precision in a style that is accessible to students and the general reader. The volume includes a detailed datelist and informative maps and charts.