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Learning By All Means-Lessons from the Arts

A Study in the Philosophy of Education

Christie Victoria

Learning By All Means presents a modern philosophy of education that exhibits the aesthetic face of learning in all of its varieties. Concentrating on the concept of learning, rather than teaching, and offering a philosophical rather than psychological approach, this book asks such fundamental questions as: How, what, why, and where do we learn? What are the roles of reason and imagination in learning? What are the differences and relations among learning by instruction, by practice, by example, and by reflection? How are the standards and values of particular fields and disciplines communicated and interpreted? How do traditional practices shape us even as we strive to go beyond them? And finally, how are our sensibilities, our very Selves, transformed by learning? Responding to such questions, Learning By All Means challenges established learning theories by stressing the personal struggle for competency and creativity.