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Biblical Exegete


Frederick van Fleteren and Joseph C. Schnaubelt

This book contains a group of essays by internationally recognized scholars on Augustine’s hermeneutical theory and practice of biblical exegesis attempting to understand Augustine (1) against his own intellectual background, (2) within his own works, and (3) in relation to traditional and contemporary discussions of biblical hermeneutics and exegesis. In the discussion of Augustine’s theological works and pastoral sermons, consideration is given both to the science of hermeneutics and the art of exegesis. Ancient rhetoric, ancient philosophy, and earlier Christian exegetes are studied as they relate to Augustine as is Augustine’s own synthesis. Augustine: Biblical Exegete sheds light on the continuity between the exegesis of earlier ages and our own.
Contents: Frederick Van Fleteren: Principles of Augustine’s Hermeneutic: An Overview – A. Bastiaensen: Augustine’s Pauline Exegesis and Ambrosiaster – Vernon J. Bourke: Augustine on the Psalms – J. Patout Burns: Creation and Fall according to Ambrose of Milan – Michael Cameron: Augustine’s Use of the Song of Songs against the Donatists – Marianne Djuth: The Royal Way: Augustine’s Freedom of the Will and the Monastic Tradition – G. R. Evans: Augustine on Exegesis against the Heretics – Carol Harrison: «Not Words but Things»: Harmonious Diversity in the Four Gospels – Robert Herrera: A Shattered Mirror: The Presence of Africa in Augustine’s Exegesis – Joseph F. Kelly: Bede’s Use of Augustine for His Commentarium in principium Genesis – Joseph T. Lienhard: John the Baptist in Augustine’s Exegesis – John Norris: Augustine and Sign in Tractatus in Iohannis Evangelium – Robert J. O’Connell: Augustine’s Exegetical Use of Ecclesiasticus 10:9-14 – Franz Posset: The «Palate of the Heart» in St. Augustine and Medieval Spirituality – Thomas Renna: Zion and Jerusalem in the Psalms – Kenneth B. Steinhauser: Job Exegesis: The Pelagian Controversy – Eugene TeSelle: Exploring the Inner Conflict: Augustine’s Sermons on Romans 7 and 8 – Roland Teske: The Good Samaritan (Lk 10:29-37) in Augustine’s Exegesis.