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Women’s Work, the Family, and Social Policy

Focus on Italy in a European Perspective


Daniela Del Boca and Margherita Repetto-Alaia

Women’s Work, the Family, and Social Policy focuses on the issue of women’s work in Italy as seen in the context of the last three decades of the twentieth century and against the backdrop of changes that have been occurring since the late sixties in women’s status in society and family. Using a comparative approach, the contributors analyze trends in women’s employment, their motivations to work, the impact on fertility and family patterns of working women, strategies to conciliate work and children, effectiveness of social policy, and the effects of women’s work on family’s income and income distribution. This book looks at women’s work from the point of view of the human capital thus being mobilized and its wide-ranging impact on society and the economy.
Contents: Daniela Del Boca/Margherita Repetto-Alaia: Editorial Foreword – Chiara Saraceno: Changes in Italian Families, from the Sixties to the Present – Daniela Del Boca: Labor Market Participation and Fertility of Italian Women: A Comparative Perspective – Stefania Rossetti/Paola Tanda: Human Capital, Gender, and Labor Market Performances – Daniela Del Boca/Marilena Locatelli/Silvia Pasqua: Earnings and Employment of Italian Husbands and Wives in the European Context – Tindara Addabbo: «Atypical» Work in Italy in a Gender Perspective: The Case of Parasubordinates and Part-Timers – Lia Fubini: Women’s Unemployment in Italy – Renata Livraghi: Economic Aspects of Families and Generational Employment Patterns in Italy – Andrea Brandolini/ Giovanni D’Alessio: Household Structure and Income Inequality in Italy: A Comparative European Perspective.