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Issues and Trends in Contemporary African Politics

Stability, Development, and Democratization


George Akeya Agbango and George Akeya Agbango

Africa, at the close of the twentieth century, has witnessed a tremendous amount of social, economic, and political transformation. By tackling the issues of political instability, democratization, and economic development, this book goes to the heart of the African conundrum and makes an invaluable contribution to Africa's development. Written by Africans, it offers a much needed «African perspective» that is often lacking in most development literature. African authors are not so encumbered by «political correctness» or «racial sensitivity» and can write more candidly on events as they see them. The book constitutes a long-awaited break with orthodoxy and makes a pioneering effort to tackle issues traditionally spurned by experts because of their rigid separation of economic development and politics. The writers offer constructive solutions to Africa's problems – solutions which only Africans would dare to suggest.
Contents: George A. Agbango: Political Instability and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa – Nchor B. Okorn: Violence: The Perennial Obstacle to Social, Economic and Political Development in Nigeria 1960-1990 – George A. Agbango: The Crises of Nation Building: The Liberian Experience – Julius O. Ihonvbere: Election Monitoring and the Democratization Agenda in Africa: The Case of the 1991 Zambian Elections – Baffour Agyeman-Duah: Global Transformation and Political Reforms in Africa: The Case of Ghana – Yakubu Saaka: Legitimizing the Illegitimate: The 1992 Presidential Election as a Prelude to Ghana's Fourth Republic – Henry A. Elonge: Visions of Change in Cameroon Within the Context of a New World Order – Walle Engedayehu: Ethiopia: The Pitfalls of Ethnic Federalism – Margaret C. Lee: South Africa: The Long and Arduous Road to a New Dispensation – Akwasi Osei: South Africa in the African Dilemma – Julius O. Ihonvbere: Democratization in Africa: Challenges and Prospects – George Ayittey: Obstacles to African Development – Julius O. Ihonvbere: Pan-Africanism: Agenda for African Unity in the 1990's?