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The Francophone World

Cultural Issues and Perspectives


Michelle M. Beauclair

The Francophone World: Cultural Issues and Perspectives introduces readers to French-speaking communities across the globe and offers a perspective on the cultures that have developed in the wake of French exploration and colonization. This book explores the French influence in West Africa, the diversity of cultures within the Caribbean, the Francophone communities of North America, and the plight of North African immigrants living in France. Through these interdisciplinary essays and the discussion questions that follow them, readers can examine such wide-ranging topics as the media in Francophone West Africa, the special status of women writers in Senegal, and the mix of cultures in Martinique and French Guiana. This book also highlights the transition into modernity in Burkina Faso, the theater of Aimé Césaire, literature and culture in Québec, and the French presence in the northeastern United States.
Contents: Michelle Beauclair: Introduction – Alain Péricard: Media and Cultures in Francophone West Africa: Journalists, Chiefs, Elders and Marginals – Paschal B. Kyiiripuo Kyoore: Tradition, Modernity, and the Clash of Cultures in African Society: The Example of Burkina Faso – Susan Stringer: The Special Status of Senegal and the Emergence of Women Writers – Sylvie Charron/Sue Huseman: North Africans in France: A Crisis in Cultural Identity - Tahar Ben Jelloun’s Les Raisins de la galère – Debra L. Anderson: Martinique: Culture and Identity – Timothy Scheie: Staging Decolonization: The Theater of Aimé Césaire – Marcia G. Parker/Beverley G. David: South America’s «Guyane»: Model of Francophone Diversity – Marie-Paule Méda: «Je me souviens»: Quebec’s Literary and Linguistic Journey – Janet L. Shideler: The Francophone Presence in the Northeastern United States.