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Technology and Resistance

Digital Communications and New Coalitions around the World


Ann De Vaney, Stephen Gance and Yan Ma

What happens when the means of communication, often centralized, become diffused? What happens when coalitions in South Africa, Malawi, China, Russia, Turkey, Burma, El Salvador, and the United States utilize electronic technologies to seek enfranchisement? This book describes such creative uses by emergent democratic movements and other cultural alliances seeking solidarity in these countries. It investigates the way the strange confluence of technological language and radical social change opens new discursive terrain. Unusual fissures and interstices appear; some auger well for the distribution of political power and the promotion of free speech, while unfortunately some open gaps within old hierarchies implicit in capitalistic discourses of technology.
Petek Askar/Buket Akkoyunlu: Computer Links to the West: Experiences from Turkey. Contents: Ann De Vaney/Stephen Gance: Introduction – Ann De Vaney: Technology in Old Democratic Discourses and Current Resistance Narrative: What is Borrowed? What is Abandoned? What is New? – Kedmon N. Hungwe: Breaking the Silence: Fax Transmissions and the Movement for Democracy in Malawi – Zarni: Resistance and Cybercommunities: The Internet and the Free Burma Movement – Stephen T. Kerr: Old Technology in New Contexts: Print Media and Russian Education – Sousan Arafeh: Women, Telephones, and Subtle Solidarity: A Counternarrative – Yan Ma: Chinese Online Presence: Tiananmen Square and Beyond – Marina Stock McIsaac/ Petek Askar/Buket Akkoyunlu: Computer Links to the West: Experiences from Turkey.