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Seriously Weird

Papers on the Grotesque


Alice Mills

Seriously Weird pushes the boundaries of current understanding of the grotesque. In a set of interdisciplinary essays, contributors explore the grotesque in literature for adults and children, in contemporary film and TV, in psychological experimentation, and nineteenth-century midwifery. Seriously Weird reconsiders problems of defining the grotesque, placing it in the contexts of the carnivalesque, the abject, and the disgusting.
Contents: Greg Ratcliffe: Terror Australis: Rodney Hall’s The Second Bridegroom – Maggi Phillips: Madame Koto: Grotesque Creatrix or the Paradox of Psychic Health? – Mark Davies: Aspects of the Grotesque in Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses – Ian Alexander: The Twitching of an Amputated God: Grotesque Doubling in Conrad’s Victory – Gerry Turcotte: «Generous, Refined, and Most Self-Denying Fiends»: Naming the Abomination in James De Mille’s Strange Manuscript – Janeen Webb and Andrew Enstice: Domesticating the Monster – Sylvia Kelso: Monster Marks: Sliding Significations of the Grotesque in Popular Fiction – John Woodrow Presley: «Kakaopoetic Lippudenies of the Ungumptious»: Imagery of Art and the Artist in Finnegans Wake – Paul Starr: More Than Organic: Science Fiction and the Grotesque – Michael Tolley: Grotesque Imaginings: Peaking through Keyholes – Alice Mills: Fungus and Sex – Michael Carter: Perspective, Oil Painting and the Ends of the World – Linda Gordon: The Surrealist Grotesque – Terrie Waddell: Revelling in Dis-play: The Grotesque in Absolutely Fabulous – Annita Boyd: Conventional Texts – Experimental Contexts: The Institutional Use of Horror Films in Experimental Psychology – Patrick West: The «Inrush of Desire» or the 'Grotesque of the Grotesque': A Feminist Reappraisal of Julia Kristeva’s Theory of Gender.