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The Politics of Early Childhood Education

Third Printing


Lourdes Diaz Soto

The basic premise of this book is simple – it brings together early childhood and cultural-studies professionals who are willing to provide a kaleidoscope of views capable of challenging the sanctity of the early childhood western lens. Marianne Bloch, Hedy Chang, Amos Hatch, Henry Giroux, Jan Jipson, Joe Kincheloe, Shirley Kessler, Sally Lubeck, Shirley Steinberg, Beth Blue Swadener, Nila Rinehardt, and Lourdes Diaz Soto call for a move toward the critical, toward the multicultural, toward the dialogic, toward the feminist, toward the personal, with the others, with the silenced, and in solidarity with multiple players.
Contents: Peter McLaren: Foreword – Lourdes Diáz Soto: Introduction – Marianne N. Bloch/Thomas S. Popkewitz: Constructing the Parent, Teacher, and Child: Discourses of Development – Sally Lubeck/Jackie Post: Creating a Head Start Community of Practice – Shirley A. Kessler/Mary Hauser: Critical Pedagogy and the Politics of Play – Joe L. Kincheloe: Certifying the Damage: Mainstream Educational Psychology and the Oppression of Children – Glenda MacNaughton/Patrick Hughes: Take the Money and Run?: Toys, Consumerism and Capitalism in Early Childhood Conferences – Henry A. Giroux: Are Disney Movies Good for Your Kids? – Beth Blue Swadener: «At Risk» or «At Promise»? From Deficit Constructions of the «Other Childhood» to Possibilities for Authentic Alliances with Children and Families – Nila M. Rinehart: Native American Perspectives: Connected to One Another and to the Greater Universe – Hedy Nai-Lin Chang/Amy Muckelroy/Dora Pulido-Tobiassen/Carol Dowell: Redefining Childcare and Early Education in a Diverse Society: Dialogue and Reflection – Janice A. Jipson: The Stealing of Wonderful Ideas: The Politics of Imposition and Representation in Research on Early Childhood – J. Amos Hatch: Introducing Postmodern Thought in a Thoroughly Modern University – Lourdes Diáz Soto: An Early Childhood Dreamspace of Social Justice and Equity.