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Resistance and Representation

Rethinking Childhood Education


Janice A. Jipson and Richard T. Johnson

Resistance and Representation: Rethinking Childhood Education provides a critical, cross-cultural narrative of early childhood education at the end of the twentieth century. Contributors from the United States, Canada, and the Pacific Rim explore issues of identity and practice in early childhood education, employing feminist, critical, and postmodern perspectives in understanding the lives of young children, their parents, and their teachers. Through their multilayered narratives, the scholars included in this book share their understandings of how theoretical shifts and understandings have impacted their thinking about early childhood research and practice, and their thoughts about issues of research representation and resistance. The contributors’ writings point to the importance of feminist, critical, and postmodern theory as frames for early childhood research and reflect the broad array of perspectives on curricular, social, and pedagogical issues within the early childhood field.
Contents: Janice A. Jipson: Resistance and Representation: Rethinking Childhood Education – Gaile S. Cannella: Natural Born Curriculum: Popular Culture and the Representation of Childhood – Christine Woodrow/ Marie Brennan: Interrupting Dominant Images: Critical and Ethical Issues – Mark D. Bailey/Nancy Meltzoff: Resisting Institutionalized Ageism – Glenda Mac Naughton: Good Teacher or Feminist Teacher?: Investigating the Ethics of Early Childhood Curriculum – Katharina Heyning: The Early Childhood Teacher as Professional: An Archaeology of University Reform – Lisa Goldstein: Resisting the Norms of Elementary Education: One Primary Teacher’s Stories – Kerri-Ann Hewett: Eh, No Act!: The Power of Being on the Margin – Shirley A. Kessler: Critical Perspectives on Social Studies in Early Childhood Education – Julie Lokelani Kaomea: Pointed Noses and Yellow Hair: Deconstructing Children’s Writing on Race and Ethnicity in Hawai‘i – Nicholas Paley: What Does a Child Deserve in a Book? Harlan Quist and the Politics of Childhood Knowledge – Mary Jane Fox: If You Think You’re Naked, You Are! – Larry Prochner: «The Proof of the Home Is the Nursery»: An American Proverb Revisited – Susan Grieshaber: Beating Mom: How to Win the Power Game – Deborah Ceglowski: Who’s Making These Policies Anyway?: How Head Start Staff Interpret Official Policies – Marianne N. Bloch: Restructuring Governing in Eastern Europe: Constructing New Needs for Families, Children, and Childcare – Richard T. Johnson/Maria Gaiyabu: Resisting Normative Representation in the Pacific Islands: Domestic Enemies Meet over Coffee – Chelsea Bailey: To Speak: Problematizing of the Use of Personal Stories in Early Childhood Research – Richard T. Johnson: Reconceptualization as Interruption, Interrogative Punctuation, and Opening.