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The Politics and Machinations of Education Research

International Case Studies


Sue McGinty

The Politics and Machinations of Education Research: International Case Studies brings together twelve education researchers from four countries – the United States, England, Australia, and Malaysia – to reflect on their experience of doing research. From large-scale national projects, to micro research within classrooms and communities, the political conduct and consequences subtly and not so subtly redefine the outcomes of the research. Each of the researchers shares the highs and lows of the experience and gives hints for the beginning researcher. This book is organized around three themes: political interventions; action research in schools; and cross-cultural research.
Contents: Sue McGinty: Introduction – Alan Peshkin: Ten Common Issues for the Beginning Researcher – Urszula Clark: The Researcher and National Government-Sponsored Curriculum Research: Dilemmas, Contradictions, and «Squaring Circles» – Ambigapathy Pandian: Approaching Literacy Research in Malaysia – Lizanne DeStefano: Dilemmas in Evaluation Practice: When Standards Fall Short – Denis Ladbrook: Pitfalls in Doing Research for Government Bureaucracies – Neville Jennings: Building Bridges in School-Focused Research: The Australian Experience – Jo Carr: Action Research and the Language Classroom – Catherine M. Day: Research as a Religious Experience: Conducting a Case Study in a Catholic School Organization – R. Santhiram: Educational Research in Multiethnic School Settings: A Malaysian Experience – Jane M. Selby: Child Care in Remote Indigenous Australian Communities: Empowerment and Intervention – Mona El Ayoubi: Exploring Intercultural Communication in Research Practice – Wai-Kong Ng: Educational Technology Research and Its Dissemination in Malaysia.