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Education as Transformation

Religious Pluralism, Spirituality, and a New Vision for Higher Education in America

Victor H. Kazanjian Jr. and Peter L. Laurence

Reflecting a national movement that seeks to create a more holistic model of learning and teaching on college and university campuses, Education as Transformation is a collection of twenty-eight essays written by a wide range of educators – including presidents, chancellors, deans, faculty members, administrators, religious life professionals, students, and other leaders in the field of education – on the themes of religious pluralism and spirituality in higher education. These essays provide scholarly analysis, practical information, and inspiration for those who agree that higher education can combine both head and heart in the teaching and learning process and in campus and community life. In seeking to articulate a new vision for higher education in America, the authors explore the possibility that both scholarship and spirituality are essential to fostering global learning communities and responsible global citizens who can address the challenges of a diverse world.
Contents: Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr./Peter L. Laurence: Preface – Diana Chapman Walsh: Transforming Education: An Overview – Parker J. Palmer: A Vision of Education as Transformation – David K. Scott: Spirituality in an Integrative Age – Cheryl H. Keen: Spiritual Assumptions Undergird Educational Priorities: A Personal Narrative – Andrés G. Niño: Spiritual Quest Among Young Adults – Arthur G. Zajonc: Molding the Self and the Common Cognitive Sources of Science and Religion – Patrick Morton: A Faculty Perspective on Magic, Meaning, and Desire in the Educational Process – Beverly Daniel Tatum: Changing Lives, Changing Communities: Building a Capacity for Connection in a Pluralistic Context – Suheil Badi Bushrui/James Malarkey: Education as Transformation: A Bahá’í Model of Education for Unity – Brad DrowningBear: The Transformation of DrowningBear – Arthur Green: Judaism, Religious Diversity, and the American Academy – John W. Healey: From Diversity to Pluralism: The Roman Catholic Challenge and the Roman Catholic Opportunity – Ji Hyang Sunim: Buddhism as a Pluralistic Tradition – Gurucharan Singh Khalsa: Pluralism, Awareness, and Mastery of the Mind: A Sikh Imperative for Education – Sulayman S. Nyang: American Pluralism, Islam, and the Challenges of Interfaith Dialogue for Muslims on the College Campus – Anantanand Rambachan: A Hindu Perspective on Moving from Religious Diversity to Religious Pluralism – Krister Stendahl: Religious Pluralism and the Claim to Uniqueness – Douglas C. Bennett: Quaker to the Core, Welcoming All – Shirley Hershey Showalter: Deep Calls to Deep: Spirituality and Diversity at Goshen College – James P. Keen: Appreciative Engagement of Diversity: E Pluribus Unum and the ‘Education’ as Transformation Project – Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr./Students of the Wellesley College Multi-Faith Council: Beyond Tolerance: From Mono-religious to Multi-religious Life at Wellesley College – Donna Bivens: The Possibility of Transformation: 25 Years Later – Janet Cooper Nelson: Burn the Ark: Kindling the Sacred at the Heart of American Higher Education – Robert M. Randolph: Building a Multi-faith Center at MIT – Susan Laemmle: Notes from a Jewish Dean of Religious Life: On Moving from Religious Diversity to Religious Pluralism – Frederic Bradford Burnham: LINKS: Establishing Communities of Dialogue on Campuses – Sally Z. Hare/Marcy Jackson/Rick Jackson: Teacher Formation: Identity, Integrity, and the Heart of a Teacher – Carol L. Flake: Teacher Education, Spiritual Transformation, & Child Advocacy – Claudia Horwitz: A Walk in the Wilderness – Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr./Peter L. Laurence: Conclusion.