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Childhood in Europe

Approaches – Trends – Findings


Manuela Du Bois-Reymond, Heinz Sünker and Heinz-Hermann Krüger

For a long time, scientific knowledge on children and childhood was almost exclusively produced by educationalists and developmental psychologists. In recent years, however, a new approach originating in Europe was added: childhood sociology. This book introduces this approach by presenting a collection of essays from various European countries: France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. The articles cover a wide range of methodologies as well as subject areas in the field of childhood sociology, giving a picture of the life situation of contemporary children in Europe and arguing how childhood researchers can come to terms with new trends and facts of (post-)modern childhood.
Contents: Joe L. Kincheloe: Preface – Manuela du Bois-Reymond/Heinz Sünker/Heinz-Hermann Krüger: Childhood Research, the Politics of Childhood, and Children’s Lives in Europe: An Introduction – Heinz Hengst: Rethinking the Liquidation of Childhood – Jürgen Zinnecker: Pre-adolescent Children: An Essay – Manuela du Bois-Reymond: Negotiation Families – John Hood-Williams: Power Relations in Children’s Lives – Regina Sirota: The Birthday: A Modern Childhood Socialization Ritual – Helga Zeiher: Children’s Islands in Space and Time: The Impact of Spatial Differentiation on Children’s Ways of Shaping Social Life – Peter Büchner/Burkhard Fuhs: Children Are Schoolchildren: Relationships between School Culture and Child Culture – An-Magritt Jensen: Property, Power, and Prestige: The Feminization of Childhood – Jens Qvortrup: Childhood as a Social Phenomenon Revisited – Angelo Saporiti: A Methodology for Making Children Count – Barbara Smolińska-Theiss: Childhood in Poland – Heinz Sünker: Childhood Research, the Politics of Childhood, and Children’s Lives in Germany.