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Women Faculty of Color in the White Classroom


Lucila Vargas

What is it like for women of color to teach in predominantly white college classrooms? This anthology is about the pedagogical implications of diversifying the faculty of higher education. It compiles narratives by women professors of color who interrogate their classroom experiences in predominantly white U.S. campuses to examine the impact of their social positions upon their classroom practices and their teaching-learning selves. The authors reflect upon their unique classroom challenges and talk about the teaching-learning strategies they use to find rewards in their interactions with students. This anthology explores the larger question of how social distinctions shape classroom social life and will be a resource for those concerned with enabling the diversification of the faculty of institutions of higher learning.
Contents: Lucila Vargas: Introduction – Lucila Vargas: Why Are We Still So Few and Why Has Our Progress Been So Slow? – Lucila Vargas: My Classroom in Its Context: The Struggle for Multiculturalism – Giselle Liza Anatol: «Passing/Out» in the Classroom: Eradicating Binaries of Identity – Lisa D. Chavez: Reading the Body Indian: A Chicana Mestiza’s Experience Teaching Literature – Kimberly Nichele Brown: Useful Anger: Confrontation and Challenge in the Teaching of Gender, Race, and Violence – Rashmi Luthra: Negotiating the Minefield: Practicing Transformative Pedagogy as a Teacher of Color in a Classroom Climate of Suspicion – Xue Lang Rong: Teaching with Differences and for Differences: Reflections of a Chinese American Teacher Educator – Cecilia G. Manrique: A Foreign Woman Faculty’s Multiple Whammies – Fay Yokomizo Akindes: The Pacific Asianized Other: Teaching Unlearning among Midwestern Students – Dolores Black-Connor Cleary: Contradictions in the Classroom: Reflections of an Okanogan-Colville Professor – Zeinabu irene Davis: Pushing Beyond the Stereotypes and Fostering Collaboration: One Sistuh’s Approach to Teaching Media Production – Lou-Ann Crouther: «Results Matter»: When the Other Teacher Teaches English in the Bluegrass State – Anne B. Onyekwuluje: Guess Who’s Coming to Class: Teaching through the Politics of Race, Class, and Gender – Diana I. Rios: A U.S.-Born Latina Professor: Cultural Stranger in My Own Classroom – Priti Kumar: Yellow Lotus in White Lily Pond: An Asian American Woman Teaching in Utah – Ryuko Kubota: Marginality as an Asset: Toward a Counter-Hegemonic Pedagogy for Diversity – Fredi Avalos-C’deBaca: We Do Not Want You to Be Human, We Want You to Be Right: Dilemmas of Legitimacy in Environments of Privilege – Kristina Casto: Opening a Dialogue: From a White Student’s Perspective.