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Curriculum Visions

Second Printing


William E. Jr. Doll and Noel Gough

Curriculum Visions challenges the singular, guiding vision that has dominated Western educational thought for the past four centuries, from Peter Ramus to Ralph Tyler and beyond. Influenced by the spirit of John Dewey, Curriculum Visions moves beyond his ghost to see what he never saw – a playful integration of the scientific, the storied, and the spiritful. In so doing, Curriculum Visions asks each of us to develop our own curricular vision, based on the logic of reason, the personality and culture of society, and the awesomeness and mystery of creation.
Contents: Noel Gough: Voicing Curriculum Visions – William E. Doll, Jr.: Ghosts and the Curriculum – Wendi Broussard: Perspective on Doll – C.A. Bowers: Toward a Cultural and Ecological Understanding of Curriculum – Ellen Wickersham: Perspective on Bowers – Deborah P. Britzman: The Death of Curriculum? – William F. Pinar: Robert Musil and the Crisis of European Culture in America – Peggy R. McConnell: Perspective on Britzman and Pinar – Cleo H. Cherryholmes: Curriculum Ghosts and Vision - and What to Do? – Ellen Wickersham: Perspective on Cherryholmes – Peter Cole/Patricia O’Riley: Much Rezadieux about (Dewey’s) Goats in the Curriculum: Looking Back on Tomorrow Yesterday – Peggy R. McConnell: Perspective on Cole and O’Riley – M. Jayne Fleener: Logical Foundations for an Organocentric Curriculum: Dewey’s Logic and Complexity Sciences – Karen E. Sullivan: Perspective on Fleener – Noel Gough: The Long Arm(s) of Globalization: Transnational Imaginaries in Curriculum Work – John Stewart: Perspective on Gough – Kathleen Kesson/Donald Oliver: On the Need for a Re-Conceptualized Theory of Experience – Janis Pardue Hill: Perspective on Kesson and Oliver – Alex Molnar: The Commercial Transformation of America’s Schools – Patricia Thomson: Perspective on Molnar – Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore: Curriculum: A Journey Through Complexity, Community, Conversation, Culmination – Carol Williams: Perspective on Moore – Molly Quinn: Holy Vision, Wholly Vision-ing: Curriculum and the Legacy of the Chariot – Deborah J. Davis: Perspective on Quinn – John St. Julien: Haunting Curriculum: Visions of Curriculum Past, Curriculum Present and a Vision of What is Yet-to-Come – Kristin Kight: Perspective on St. Julien – Donna Trueit: Speaking of Ghosts... – Brian Casemore/Nichole Guillory: Perspective on Trueit – Hongyu Wang: The Call from the Stranger: Dwayne Huebner’s Vision of Curriculum as a Spiritual Journey – Donna Porche-Frilot: Perspective on Wang.