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Science Fiction Curriculum, Cyborg Teachers, and Youth Culture(s)


John A. Weaver, Karen Anijar and Toby Daspit

Science Fiction Curriculum, Cyborg Teachers, and Youth Culture(s) is a collection of essays sutured together by their use of science fiction as a departure from contemporary educational «realities». The authors, inspired by the visions, styles, and insights of various science fiction texts, films, and rap music, seek to transform the future of educational possibilities. Science Fiction Curriculum offers alternative paths to current regressive educational practices, policies, and reforms, and invites readers to venture into uncharted dimensions.
Contents: Karen Anijar/John A. Weaver/Toby Daspit: Introduction – John A. Weaver: Curriculum Theorists as Spawns from Hell – Marla Morris: Chronicles and Canticles: Curriculum as Science Fiction Text – Suzanne Damarin: Required Reading: Feminist Sci-Fi and Post-Millennial Curriculum – Matthew Weinstein: Science/Education: Technoscience, Schools and Social Justice – Noel Gough: Narrative Experiments: Manifesting Cyborgs in Curriculum Inquiry – William M. Reynolds: Shooting Arrows into the Air: Deleuze and Vampires – Karen Anijar/Toni Humber: The Criminalizing of the Africanized Honeybee: A Science Fiction Disaster Tale Told in Semiotic Three-Part Harmony – Gini Doolittle: Assimilation: The Borg and Teacher Socialization – Karen Ferneding: Understanding Teacher’s Technological Pessimism Through the Eyes of Mary Shelley – Jason Earle/Sharon D. Kruse/Taylor P. Kruse: «You Have to Save the Planet», He Said: Reading the Animorphs – Toby Daspit: «Please Check Da Time/C’mon Check Da Rhyme»: Speculative History in Public Enemy’s Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age.