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Concepts and Strategies in International Human Rights


George J. Andreopoulos

Although the celebrations surrounding the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) highlighted some remarkable achievements in the human rights movement, the international community must remain cognizant of a whole new array of unprecedented challenges. These challenges relate to the relevance of the conceptual framework within which the human rights movement has been operating as well as to the need for effective strategies of promotion and protection.
Contents: George J. Andreopoulos: Introduction: A Half Century After the Universal Declaration – Richard Falk: The Challenges of Humane Governance – Susan Waltz: Human Rights Standards and the Human Rights Movement in the Global South: The UDHR and Beyond – Tom Farer: Rescuing Human Rights: The Prospects for Humanitarian Intervention – George J. Andreopoulos: On the Prevention of Genocide: Humanitarian Intervention and the Role of the United Nations – Lance Compa: A Glass Half Full: The NAFTA Labor Agreement and Cross-Border Labor Action – Richard Pierre Claude: The Right to Education and Human Rights Education – Lloyd S. Etheredge: A Strategy for Human Rights: Five Internet Projects That Can Change the World.