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Disability Studies in Education

Readings in Theory and Method


Susan L. Gabel

As a field of inquiry, disability studies in education stands at the broad intersection of disability studies and educational studies. This book introduces graduate students, educational researchers, and teacher educators to the range of scholarly inquiry emerging from this exciting new field. Susan L. Gabel pulls together a sampling of the vast array of available scholarship that includes readings that intersect curriculum theory, critical policy analysis, personal narrative, and much more. Although disability studies in education has only recently been recognized as a field of inquiry with an identifiable body of literature, the chapters in this book present the work of some of the major scholars of disability studies in education.
Contents: Susan Gabel: Introduction: Disability Studies in Education – Susan Gabel: An Aesthetic of Disability – Julie Allan: Disability Arts and the Performance of Ideology – Anne Ruggles Gere: Seeing is/not Believing: Visibility, Invisibility and Disability Studies in Education – Nirmala Erevelles: Rewriting Critical Pedagogy from the Periphery: Materiality, Disability and the Politics of Schooling – Scot Danforth: Compliance as Alienated Labor: A Critical Analysis of Public School Programs for Students Considered to have Emotional/Behavioral Disorders – Linda Ware: Many Possible Futures, Many Different Directions: Merging Critical Special Education and Disability Studies – Ellen Brantlinger: Slippery Shibboleths: The Shady Side of Truisms in Special Education – Deborah J. Gallagher: Searching for Something Outside of Ourselves: The Contradiction Between Technical Rationality and the Achievement of Inclusive Pedagogy – Susan Peters: Transforming Literacy Instruction: Unpacking the Pedagogy of Privilege.