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Martin Heidegger’s «Being and Time»


Richard M. McDonough

The ideas of Martin Heidegger, one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century, have had a profound influence on work in literary theory and aesthetics, as well as on mainstream philosophy. This book offers a clear and concise guide to Heidegger’s notoriously complex writings, while giving special attention to his major work Being and Time. Richard McDonough adds historical context by exploring Heidegger’s intellectual roots in German idealism and ancient Greek philosophy, and introduces readers to the key themes in Heidegger’s work including Dasein, Existenz, time, conscience, death, and phenomenology. This book, which also considers Heidegger’s controversial ethics (or «anti-ethics») and politics, would make an excellent text for both introductory and advanced undergraduate courses on existentialism, phenomenology, continental philosophy, and Heidegger himself.