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Adolescents and Literacies in a Digital World


Donna E. Alvermann

By embracing a rapidly changing digital world, the so-called millennial adolescent is proving quite adept at breaking down age-old distinctions among disciplines, between high- and low-brow media culture, and within print and digitized text types. Adolescents and Literacies in a Digital World explores the significance of digital technologies and media in youth’s negotiated approaches to making meaning within a broad array of self-defined literacy practices. Organized around a series of case studies, this book blends theories of an attention economy, generational differences, communication technologies, and neoliberal enactive texts with actual accounts of adolescents’ use of instant messaging, shape-shifting portfolios, critical inquiry, and media production.
Contents: Donna E. Alvermann: Preface – Bertram C. Bruce: Diversity and Critical Social Engagement: How Changing Technologies Enable New Modes of Literacy in Changing Circumstances – Colin Lankshear/Michele Knobel: Do We Have Your Attention? New Literacies, Digital Technologies, and the Education of Adolescents – James R. King/David G. O’Brien: Adolescents’ Multiliteracies and Their Teachers’ Needs to Know: Toward a Digital Détente – James Paul Gee: Millennials and Bobos, Blue’s Clues and Sesame Street: A Story for Our Times – Margaret C. Hagood/Lisa Patel Stevens/David Reinking: What do THEY Have to Teach US? Talkin’ ’Cross Generations! – Kathleen A. Hinchman/Rosary Lalik: Imagining Literacy Teacher Education in Changing Times: Considering the Views of Adult and Adolescent Collaborators – Cynthia Lewis/Margaret Finders: Implied Adolescents and Implied Teachers: A Generation Gap for New Times – Josephine Peyton Young/Deborah R. Dillon/Elizabeth Birr Moje: Shape-Shifting Portfolios: Millennial Youth, Literacies, and the Game of Life – Carmen Luke: Re-crafting Media and ICT Literacies – Richard Beach/Bertram C. Bruce: Using Digital Tools to Foster Critical Inquiry – Michele Knobel/Colin Lankshear: Cut, Paste, Publish: The Production and Consumption of Zines – Allan Luke: What Happens to Literacies Old and New When They’re Turned into Policy.