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19 Urban Questions

Teaching in the City; Foreword by Antonia Darder


Shirley R. Steinberg and Joe L. Kincheloe

The second edition of 19 Urban Questions: Teaching in the City adds new questions to those in the original volume. Continuing the developing conversation in urban education, the book is provocative in style and rich in detail. Emphasizing the complexity of urban education, Shirley R. Steinberg and the authors ask direct questions about what urban teachers need to know. Their answers are guaranteed to generate both classroom discussion and discourse in the field for years to come. The book not only addresses questions pertaining directly to today’s urban schools, but poses new ones for discussion, teacher education, and urban school research. Steinberg has gathered an impressive cadre of teacher/scholars who are engaged in a socially just urban pedagogy.
Contents: Shirley R. Steinberg: In Praise of Urban Educators and Urban Kids – Antonia Darder: Schooling Bodies: Critical Pedagogy and Urban Youth – Joe L. Kincheloe: Why a Book on Urban Education? – Kecia Hayes: Why Teach in Urban Settings? – Rochelle Brock: What Does «Good» Urban Teaching Look Like? – Greg S. Goodman/Adriel A. Hilton: Urban Dropouts: Why Persist? – Valerie J. Janesick: How Can Assessment Work in Urban Schools? – Priya Parmar: Does Hip Hop Have a Home in Urban Education? – Christopher Emdin: What Is Urban Science Education? – Linda Ware/Jan W. Valle: How Do We Begin a Conversation on Disability in Urban Education? – Elizabeth Quintero: How Can multiple literacies Be Used for Literacy Learning in Urban Schools? – Vanessa Domine: How Important Is Technology in Urban Education? – Winthrop R. Holder: How Can Urban Students Become Writers? – Roymieco A. Carter: Can Aesthetics Be Taught in Urban Education? – Luis F. Mirón: How Do We Locate Resistance in Urban Schools? – David Forbes: What Is the Role of Counseling in Urban Schools? – Haroon Kharem: What Does It Mean to Be in a Gang? – Leah Henry-Beauchamp/Tina Siedler: Why Is Health an Urban Issue? Asthma: A Case in Point – Katia Goldfarb: Who Is Included in the Urban Family? – Philip M. Anderson/Judith P. Summerfield: Why Is Urban Education Different from Suburban and Rural Education? – Lourdes Diaz Soto: Educar para transformar: How Do We Teach Towards a Critical Bilingual/Bicultural Urban Pedagogy? – Shirley R. Steinberg: Transformational Urban Education: Answers Bringing the Next Set of Questions – Shirley R. Steinberg: What We Didn’t Ask? Keepin’ It Real.