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Minding the Light

Essays in Friendly Pedagogy


Anne French Dalke and Barbara Dixson

This book presents a series of thoughtful and revealing reflections – excerpts from the inner and outer lives of college teachers – from which emerges a common concern for the interactive and spiritual dimensions of the educational process, and a rich sense of the light which can and should illuminate it. Informed either by personal commitment to Quakerism, or by individual work within Quaker institutions, the contributors offer perspectives that are important for teachers, parents, and readers generally interested in the classroom experience as a process of growth and exploration. Minding the Light provides an inspiring outline of «friendly pedagogy», which deeply respects individual uniqueness while awakening learners to their active involvements with larger communities.
Contents: Anne Dalke/Susan McNaught: Introduction. «Minding the Light»: A Range of Quaker Pedagogies – Steve Smith: The Spiritual Roots of Quaker Pedagogy – Mary Watkins: Liberating Soul Sparks: Psyche, Classroom, and Community – Mike Heller: «Wait to Be Gathered»: The Classroom as Spiritual Place – Richard Johnson: A Gathered Presence: Creating a Community of Conscience in the Composition Classroom – Barbara Mallonee: The AmerIcan Essay: Where Spirit and Silence Meet – Barbara Dixson: Teaching from the Spiritual Center – Stanford J. Searl, Jr.: Teaching as Listening: Silence as Heart Knowledge – Susan McNaught: «Live Up to the Light Thou Hast»: The Adult Learner.