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No Education Without Relation

Foreword by Nel Noddings


Charles Bingham and Alexander M. Sidorkin

This book is a collective statement about a new approach to education – the pedagogy of relation. After revisiting a number of existing conversations, the authors bring together several theoretical traditions under the umbrella of the pedagogy of relation. This book is an appeal to develop a common frame of reference for educational approaches based on the primacy of relations in education. The authors try to understand human relations rather than educational processes, behaviors, methods, curriculum, etc. The authors also examine the dangers that a pedagogy of relations may present, and the implications such a pedagogy may have for curriculum and educational policy. The promise of the pedagogy of relation is to offer a viable alternative to dominating trends in educational thinking – trends that emphasize control over teacher and student behavior as the main way of achieving excellence.
Contents: Nel Noddings: Foreword – Charles Bingham/Alexander M. Sidorkin: The Pedagogy of Relation: An Introduction – A joint contribution by all authors: Manifesto of Relational Pedagogy: Meeting to Learn, Learning to Meet – Gert Biesta: «Mind the Gap!» Communication and the Educational Relation – Charles Bingham: Let’s Treat Authority Relationally – Frank Margonis: From Student Resistance to Educative Engagement: A Case Study in Building Powerful Student-Teacher Relationships – Alexander M. Sidorkin: Relations Are Rational: Toward an Economic Anthropology of Schooling – Jaylynne N. Hutchinson: Democracy Needs Strangers, and We Are Them – Bonnie Lyon McDaniel: Between Strangers and Soul Mates: Care and Moral Dialogue – Cherlyn M. Pijanowski: Education for Democracy Demands «Good-Enough» Teachers – Cris Mayo: Relations Are Difficult – Barbara S. Stengel: Knowing Is Response-able Relation – Rosalie M. Romano: Reading Relations – Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon: Personal and Social Relations in Education.