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Culture and Context in Human Behavior Change

Theory, Research, and Applications


Clifford R. O'Donnell and Lois A. Yamauchi

This book provides an interdisciplinary perspective on theory, research, and applications in human behavior change. Chapters from clinical, developmental, and community psychology and education are united by common principles and an emphasis on culture and context. The contributions of Roland Tharp to each of these fields are highlighted. The roles of parents, teachers, peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods are explored. Topics include behavior therapy, child development and culture, community programs, delinquency prevention, youth mentoring, instructional conversation, school reform, teacher professional development, and culturally relevant instruction. For each topic, new research challenges are identified. This volume is recommended for a variety of courses in psychology and education.
Contents: Lois A. Yamauchi/Clifford R. O’Donnell: Considering the Context of Behavior Change: A Volume in Honor of Roland G. Tharp – Ian M. Evans: Behavior Therapy: Regulation by Self, by Others, and by the Physical World – Ashley E. Maynard: Child Development and Changing Behavior in Diverse Societies: An Activity Settings Approach – Richard N. Roberts: Community: The Ties That Bind – Clifford R. O’Donnell: Juvenile Delinquency: Peers, Mentors, and Activity Settings – Lois A. Yamauchi: Culture Matters: Research and Development of Culturally Relevant Instruction – William M. Saunders/Claude N. Goldenberg: The Contribution of Settings to School Improvement and School Change: A Case Study – Gordon Wells/Mari Haneda: Extending Instructional Conversation – Amanda Datnow/Samuel C. Stringfield/Marisa Castellano: School Reform and the Education of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students – Ronald Gallimore: Behavior Change in the Natural Environment: Everyday Activity Settings as a Workshop of Change – Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand: Man of Knowledge and Conviction: Biographical Tribute to Roland Tharp.