Adolescent Cultures, School, and Society

"As schools struggle to redefine and restructure themselves, they need to be aware of the new realities
of adolescents. This series is committed to depicting the wide variety of adolescent cultures that exist
in today’s troubled world. It is primarily a qualitative research, practice, and policy series devoted to
contextual interpretation and analysis that encompasses a broad range of interdisciplinary critique.
The series addresses such issues as curriculum theory and practice; multicultural education; adolescent
literacy; aggression, bullying, and violence; media and the arts; school dropouts; homeless and runaway
youth; gangs and other alienated youth; at-risk populations; peers, family structures, and parental
involvement; identity formation; race, ethnicity, class, and gender/LGBTQ studies; and overall social,
biological, psychological, and spiritual development.


  • Title: Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Education and Young People

    Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Education and Young People

    Issues about Democracy and Active Citizenry
    Volume 71
    by Fida Sanjakdar (Volume editor) Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Edited Collection 224 Pages
  • Title: Living on the Edge

    Living on the Edge

    Rethinking Poverty, Class and Schooling, Second Edition
    Volume 70
    by John Smyth (Author) Terry Wrigley (Author) Peter McInerney (Author) 2018
    ©2018 Textbook 310 Pages
  • Title: The Dynamic Student Development Meta-Theory

    The Dynamic Student Development Meta-Theory

    A New Model for Student Success
    Volume 69
    by Mark A. Frederick (Volume editor) Pietro A. Sasso (Volume editor) José Miguel Maldonado (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Textbook 410 Pages
  • Title: Making College Better

    Making College Better

    Views from the Top
    Volume 68
    by Joseph L. DeVitis (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Textbook 234 Pages
  • Title: Becoming Educated

    Becoming Educated

    Young People’s Narratives of Disadvantage, Class, Place and Identity
    Volume 67
    by John Smyth (Author) Peter McInerney (Author) 2014
    ©2014 Textbook 174 Pages
  • Title: Dreams and Deception

    Dreams and Deception

    Sports Lure, Racism, and Young Black Males' Struggles in Sports and Education
    Volume 66
    by Isabel Ann Dwornik (Author) 2016
    ©2017 Textbook 230 Pages
  • Title: Success Academy

    Success Academy

    How Native American Students Prepare for College (and How Colleges Can Prepare for Them)
    Volume 65
    by Mary Jo Benton Lee (Author) 2013
    ©2013 Textbook 187 Pages
  • Title: Contemporary Colleges and Universities

    Contemporary Colleges and Universities

    A Reader
    Volume 64
    by Joseph L. DeVitis (Volume editor)
    ©2013 Textbook 420 Pages
  • Title: Re-engaging Disconnected Youth

    Re-engaging Disconnected Youth

    Transformative Learning through Restorative and Social Justice Education – Revised Edition
    Volume 63
    by Amy Vatne Bintliff (Author) 2016
    ©2016 Textbook 195 Pages
  • Title: The College Curriculum

    The College Curriculum

    A Reader
    Volume 62
    by Joseph L. DeVitis (Volume editor)
    ©2013 Textbook 444 Pages