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Pedagogy of Place

Seeing Space as Cultural Education


David M. Callejo Pérez, Steve Fain and Judith J. Slater

Pedagogy of Place focuses on the embodiment of purposefully created space resulting from the creation and enactment of its participants’ cultural and social conditions. It is also about education, the purposeful creation of spaces that comprise learning environments, and the aesthetic dimensions of the created space called school. The essays present the concept of space—the place where learning happens and where the lives of student and teacher can thrive or wither—a place rich in human potential. In an attempt to address the diversity of what we define as space, Pedagogy of Place addresses issues around place and identity in three distinct strands: as social, as aesthetic, and as political and historical. As a collection, these essays are attempts to open conversations with persons interested in what counts as curriculum, teaching, and learning within the spaces and places that release human potential and nurture the human spirit.
Contents: William H. Schubert: Foreword: Reflections on the Place of Curriculum – David M. Callejo Pérez/Stephen M. Fain/Judith J. Slater: Introduction: Understanding Place as a Social Aspect of Education – Stephen M. Fain: The Construction of Public Space – Judith J. Slater: The Erosion of the Public Space – Donna L. Adair Breault: The Fall of the Public Academic – Margaret Macintyre Latta: Traces, Patterns, Texture: In Search of Aesthetic Teaching/Learning Encounters – Bruce Uhrmacher: An Environment for Developing Souls: The Ideas of Rudolph Steiner – Cheryl J. Craig: School as Parkland: The Re-invention of a «Story of School» – Michael W. Apple: Away with All Teachers: The Cultural Politics of Home Schooling – David M. Callejo Pérez: Identity, Literature, Schools, and Race: Southern Writers and Literature as a Metaphor for Place – Corey Lesseig: Getting from Farmhouse to Schoolhouse: School Consolidation, Pupil Transportation, and the Limits of Educational Reform in Mississippi – David M. Callejo Pérez/Stephen M. Fain/Judith J. Slater: Epilogue.