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In Defense of Partisan Criticism

Communication Studies, Law, and Social Analysis


Omar Swartz

In Defense of Partisan Criticism is a far-reaching exploration of the legal, philosophical, and rhetorical basis for understanding social justice in the United States. Through a thoughtful investigation of key political, social, and legal events in the history of the United States, Omar Swartz develops a compelling argument for engaged political scholarship by American academics, and offers readers a critical understanding of the place of race and class in American cultural history. Central to this understanding is an awareness of the «communication imagination» – the power of citizens to name the constraints placed upon them by U.S. political and legal institutions and to counter those constraints with narratives constructing a more socially just society based upon a wider sense of human identification and partisan engagement than is currently practiced in the normative U.S. public sphere.

BIC Classifications

  • Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects (G)
    • Interdisciplinary studies (GT)
      • Communication studies (GTC)
  • Society & social sciences (J)
    • Politics & government (JP)
      • Political science & theory (JPA)
      • Political ideologies (JPF)
  • Law (L)
    • Jurisprudence & general issues (LA)

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  • Law (LAW)
    • LAW / General (LAW000000)
  • Philosophy (PHI)
    • PHILOSOPHY / Political (PHI019000)
  • Political Science (POL)
    • POLITICAL SCIENCE / History & Theory (POL010000)
  • Social Science (SOC)
    • Sociology (SOC026)
      • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General (SOC026000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Reference, Information & Interdisciplinary subjects (G)
    • Interdisciplinary studies (GT)
      • Communication studies (GTC)
  • Society & Social Sciences (J)
    • Politics & government (JP)
      • Political ideologies (JPF)
      • Political structure & processes (JPH)
  • Law (L)
    • Jurisprudence & general issues (LA)
      • Methods, theory & philosophy of law (LAB)
    • Laws of specific jurisdictions & specific areas of law (LN)
      • Legal systems: general (LNA)
  • Geographical qualifiers (1)
    • The Americas (1K)
      • North America (USA & Canada) (1KB)