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Methods for Teaching Travel Literature and Writing

Exploring the World and Self


Eileen Groom

The contributors to Methods for Teaching Travel Literature and Writing: Exploring the World and Self discuss how and why they have integrated travel literature and writing into their courses. Subjects range from the study of travel literature granting insight into how travel authors, such as Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux, convince readers to "buy into" their worlds and reflect the readers’ positions in society, to contemplating the meanings of the words "traveler" and "tourist." Other chapters examine how actual traveling can shape students’ writing and vice versa, whereas still others address how the study of the genre and actually writing it promotes interdisciplinarity.

Acknowledgments – Introduction – Part I: Sample Courses – Ulrike Brisson: Teaching Travel Writing: A Voyage of Exploration – Jacqueline S. Thursby: American Travel Literature in the Classroom: Inward and Outward Journeys – Eileen Groom: Travel Literature, a Genre for Reluctant Readers – Part II: Concerns – Valerie M. Smith: Interrogating Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Travel Writing Series – Denise Comer: Negotiating Privilege in the Teaching of Travel Literature – Jeffrey Alan Melton: Teaching Travel Literature in the Tourist Age – Part III: Oustide the Traditional Classroom – John Bennion/Burton Olsen: "I Wake to Sleep": Traveling in the Wilderness with Writing Students – Leeann Chen: Writing to Host Nationals as Cross-Cultural Collaborative Learning in Study Abroad – Twila Yates Papay: Sweet Enchantment: Writing the Journey, Perceiving the Human Condition – Christine S. Cozzens: Writing Ireland: Travel Writing as Study and Practice for Students Going Abroad – Part IV: Teaching Resources – Contributors – Index.