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Girl Wide Web

Girls, the Internet, and the Negotiation of Identity


Sharon R. Mazzarella

Given the rapidly growing presence of girls online, serious academic inquiry into the relationship between girls and the Internet is imperative. Girl Wide Web is an innovative collection of cutting-edge research exploring a wide sweep of issues related to the ways adolescent girls interact with the Internet. Employing a range of methodologies and theoretical perspectives primarily within cultural studies, the authors examine a variety of topics – from instant messaging and web-diaries to online fan communities and Internet advertising that targets young girls. Taken together, these essays provide a rich portrait of the complex relationship among girls, the Internet, and the negotiation of identity.
Contents: Sharon R. Mazzarella: Introduction. It’s a Girl Wide Web – Lynne Y. Edwards: Victims, Villains, and Vixens. Teen Girls and Internet Crime – Ashley D. Grisso/David Weiss: What are gURLS Talking about? Adolescent Girls’ Construction of Sexual Identity on – Debra Merskin: Making an About-Face. Jammer Girls and the World Wide Web – Susan F. Walsh: Gender, Power, and Social Interaction. How Blue Jean Online Constructs Adolescent Girlhood – Susan J. Harewood/Angharad N. Valdivia: Exploring Dora. Re-embodied Latinidad on the Web – Christine Scodari: You’re Sixteen, You’re Dutiful, You’re Online. «Fangirls» and the Negotiation of Age and/or Gender Subjectivities in TV Newsgroups – Kimberly S. Gregson: What if the Lead Character Looks Like Me? Girl fans of Shoujo Anime and Their Web Sites – Sharon R. Mazzarella: Claiming a Space. The Cultural Economy of Teen Girl Fandom on the Web – Divya C. McMillin: Teen Crossings. Emerging Cyberpublics in India – Shayla Marie Thiel: «IM Me». Identity Construction and Gender Negotiation in the World of Adolescent Girls and Instant Messaging – Lynn Schofield Clark: The Constant Contact Generation. Exploring Teen Friendship Networks Online.