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Globalizing Education

Policies, Pedagogies, and Politics


Michael W. Apple, Jane Kenway and Michael Singh

Because «globalization» is expressed in many ways and evokes complex responses, it demands various lines of analysis. Globalizing Education shows how this phenomenon is mediated and mitigated by a range of educational policies, pedagogies, and politics. It identifies the forms of educational governance associated with neoliberal globalism and their manifold effects on nation-state education systems, highlighting the colonizing minority-world imperatives and retraditionalizing ramifications. It also shows how the global cultural economy – the disjunctive flows of images, people, and ideas – both challenges and reinforces conventional educational trajectories. The global/national mesh-works created by drugs, technology, and unions are among the complicated connectivities explored. This book exposes the more pernicious effects on education of neo-liberal and corporate globalization and explores and identifies innovative and transformative educational policies, pedagogies, and politics.
Contents: Michael Singh/Jane Kenway/Michael W. Apple: Globalizing Education: Perspectives from Above and Below – Jane Kenway/Elizabeth Bullen: Globalizing the Young in the Age of Desire: Some Educational Policy Issues – Helen Nixon: Cultural Pedagogies of Technology in a Globalized Economy – Sue Shore: New Policies, New Possibilities? Adult Learners in the Global Economy – Pat Thomson: Globalizing the Rustbelt and Public Schools – Christopher Ziguras: International Trade in Education Services: Governing the Liberalization and Regulation of Private Enterprise – Michael Singh: Responsive Education: Enabling Transformative Engagements with Transitions in Global/National Imperatives – Gayle Morris: Performing Pedagogy and the Re(construction) of Global/Local Selves – Scott K. Phillips: Developing Local Teachers’ Skills for Addressing Ethno-Specific Drug Issues of Global Proportions – Lynton Brown: Virtual Spaces for Innovative Pedagogical Actions: Education, Technology, and Globalization – Susan Grieshaber/Nicola Yelland: Living in Liminal Times: Early Childhood Education and Young Children in the Global/Local Information Society – Michael W. Apple: Are Markets in Education Democratic? Neoliberal Globalism, Vouchers, and the Politics of Choice – Helen Raduntz: The Marketization of Education within the Global Capitalist Economy – Peter Kell: Teachers’ and Public-Sector Workers’ Engagement with «Globalization from Above»: Resisting Regressive Parochialism in Queensland – Suzanne Franzway: Making Progressive Educational Politics in the Current Globalization Crisis – Alan Reid: Rethinking the Democratic Purposes of Public Schooling in a Globalizing World.