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Aspects of the Liturgical Year in Cappadocia (325-430)


Jill Burnett Comings

The fourth century was pivotal in the evolution of the feasts and fasts of late antique Christian communities. While earlier scholars have focused on developments in Jerusalem, Rome, and the Gallican West, the liturgical year in Cappadocia remains largely uncharted territory. Aspects of the Liturgical Year in Cappadocia (325 to 430) fills that gap, relying primarily on the liturgical year homilies of the Cappadocian Fathers in order to provide for the first time a comprehensive study of liturgical calendars from Cappadocia and environs during the period between the Councils of Nicaea and Ephesus. This volume is a valuable resource for students of liturgical time, the Cappadocians, and fourth-century doctrinal controversies.