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The Marcan Portrayal of the «Jewish» Unbeliever

A Function of the Marcan References to Jewish Scripture- The Theological Basis of a Literary Construct


Rev. Dr. Neil R. Parker

One of the most lamentable aspects of Christendom’s history has been the long-standing antipathy of some of its members toward persons of the Jewish faith. However, the writer of Mark’s gospel did not intend to promulgate such antipathy. Parker’s groundbreaking re-assessment of how the evangelist applies Jewish scriptures serves to establish the true nature of Mark’s unfavourable depiction of Judaism’s custodians as a theological construct. The overriding purpose behind Mark’s caricature of Jesus’ compatriots was to explain the presence of «faulty» belief, or even unbelief, among a Gentile readership. Subsequent generations have mistakenly given historical credence to Mark’s account of Jesus’s ministry. Regrettably, this has resulted in the erroneous theological legitimization of atrocities against the Jews.