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Technically Together

Rethinking Community within Techno-Society


Michele A. Willson

Mobile phones and SMS (short message service), the Internet and email, are digital technologies that are transforming our ways of being together. Or are they? Cutting through the hype about how the Internet is revolutionizing the ways we relate to one another, Michele A. Willson offers a wide-ranging investigation of community in the digital age. Technically Together takes the reader on a thoughtful tour of the key writings on community and technology and the current debates that surround them to provide a clear understanding of the challenges new technologies present for theories of social interaction. Drawing on the political and social theory of a broad range of theorists from Charles Taylor and Jean-Luc Nancy to Mark Poster, and the most influential minds in the philosophy of technology from Marshall McLuhan to Martin Heidegger, Technically Together offers new ways of thinking about digitally mediated community.

Acknowledgments – Introduction – The Concept of Community – Technology and Sociality – Intersubjectivity, Technology, and Community – Charles Taylor and the Social Communitarians – Jean-Luc Nancy’s Notion of Community – Mark Poster and Virtual Community/ies – A Question of Theory and Practice – Bibliography – Index.