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Internet Research Annual

Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2004, Volume 3


Mia Consalvo and Kate O'Riordan

This peer-reviewed collection represents some of the finest research presented at the 2004 Association of Internet Researchers Conference held in Sussex in 2004. Responding to the theme of ubiquity, papers collected here represent a diverse range of inquiries into the development, as well as perceived development, of the Internet. Offering new and important work about blogs, online games, users, norms and access, to name just a few topics, this collection is a must-read for Internet scholars intent on keeping pace with a rapidly expanding field.
Contents: Kate O’Riordan/Mia Consalvo: Internet Research: Questioning Ubiquity – Anoush Simon: Perceptions of Access and Exclusion in the Information Society – Claudijo Borovic/Daniel Pargman: Learning in Online Computer Games: The Emergence of In-Game Academies – Caroline Haythornthwaite/Susan Shoemaker: Minding Your Practices: Exposure and Anonymity in Social Network Data – Jennifer Kurkoski: Infusion of Responsibility Effects in Email Requests for Information: A Pilot Study – Stine Gotved: Ubiquity Double Up - Time in Cybersocial Communication – Lena Karlsson: We’re Still Connected in a One-Sided Sort of Way: Acts of Reading Personal Journal-Type Weblogs – Jill Walker: Distributed Narrative: Telling Stories Across Networks – Denise N. Rall: Exploring the Range of Disciplinary Backgrounds of Internet Scholars Participating in AoIR Meetings, 2000-2002 – Richard Collins: Internet Governance in the UK – Mark Gaved/Paul Mulholland: Ubiquity from the Bottom Up: Grassroots Initiated Networked Communities – Tamara Witschge: Normativity Online: Facing the Boundaries of the Boundless World Wide Web – Alison Norris: Information-Based Websites: A Usability Assessment of a Library Website.