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Classroom Teaching

An Introduction | Second Edition

Edited By Joe L. Kincheloe and Shirley R. Steinberg

Classroom Teaching is an introductory text that challenges the antiquated ways that teaching and curriculum have been presented. By adding chapters to Joe L. Kincheloe’s original volume, this second edition gives a fresh, politicized viewpoint of power and politics in an era of corporatized education. The authors set the scene to introduce cutting-edge notions of teaching, knowledge-making, and ways of seeing the world. The essays included in this second edition of Classroom Teaching present a critical pedagogical approach to a socially-just praxis of schooling and being in schools. This edition also includes essential essays on diversity, sexuality, and media which are contemporaneous with today’s concerns in society. Pre-service teachers, interns, and teacher educators in North America will find Classroom Teaching engaging and unique as they commit to an informed vision of educating our children and youth.

Joe L. Kincheloe was Canada Research Chair of Critical Pedagogy at McGill University. The author of over fifty books and hundreds of articles, his work centered on critical pedagogy, emancipatory teacher education, and the social context of learning. A philosopher, sociologist, and student of education, he was a musician, a poet, and father of four children. His legacy continues through his scholarship, leadership, and humanity.

Shirley R. Steinberg is Research Chair of Critical Youth Studies at the University of Calgary. With Kincheloe, she co-founded The Freire Project ( The author or editor of many books and articles, she is the founder of the International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership. She is a community activist who speaks globally on issues of social justice, equity, and education.