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The Cell Phone Reader

Essays in Social Transformation


Anandam Kavoori and Noah Arceneaux

The Cell Phone Reader offers a diverse, eclectic set of essays that examines how this rapidly evolving technology is shaping new media cultures, new forms of identity, and media-centered relationships. The contributors focus on a range of topics, from horror films to hip-hop, from religion to race, and draw examples from across the globe. The Cell Phone Reader provides a road map for both scholars and beginning students to examine the profound social, cultural and international impact of this small device.
Contents: Anandam Kavoori/Noah Arceneaux: Introduction – Paul Levinson: The Little Big Blender: How the Cellphone Integrates the Digital and the Physical, Everywhere – Adriana de Souza e Silva: Interfaces of Hybrid Spaces – Janey Gordon: The Cell Phone: An Artifact of Popular Culture and a Tool of the Public Sphere – Rich Ling: Life in the Nomos: Stress, Emotional Maintenance, and Coordination via the Mobile Telephone in Intact Families – Wendy Robinson/David Robison: Tsunami Mobilizations: Considering the Role of Mobile and Digital Communication Devices, Citizen Journalism, and the Mass Media – Collette Snowden: Cstng A pwr4l spLL: D evOLshn f SMS (Casting a Powerful Spell: The Evolution of SMS) – Allison Whitney: Can You Fear Me Now?: Cell Phones and the American Horror Film – Heidi Campbell: Texting the Faith: Religious Users and Cell Phone Culture – Gerard Goggin/Christopher Newell: Disabling Cell Phones – Davin Heckman: «Do You Know the Importance of a Skypager?»: Telecommunications, African Americans, and Popular Culture – Bahíyyih Maroon: Mobile Sociality in Urban Morocco – Paul Leonardi/Marianne E. Leonardi/Elizabeth Hudson: Culture, Organization, and Contradiction in the Social Construction of Technology: Adoption and Use of the Cell Phone across Three Cultures – Anandam Kavoori/Kalyani Chadha: The Cell Phone as a Cultural Technology: Lessons from the Indian Case.