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Simon Episcopius’ Doctrine of Original Sin


Mark A. Ellis

Simon Episcopius (1583-1643), who began his theological career as the protégé of Jacobus Arminius, led the Arminians at the Synod of Dort and was instrumental in guaranteeing Arminianism’s survival. This book breaks new ground by clearly showing how, in the process of working out the implications of the theological trajectories which Arminius established, Episcopius introduced significant changes in his master’s theology. It begins by demonstrating changes between Episcopius’ early theological works and Arminius’ writings, and then even greater changes in his mature theological work, Institutiones Theologicæ. It defends the idea that Arminianism represented a pre-Calvinist movement within the Netherlands, which not only rejected Genevan predestination, but also intentionally moved away from Reformed Scholasticism. This book is useful for seminars in early Arminian theology and the Arminian controversy in the Netherlands.