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Arabs in the Americas

Interdisciplinary Essays on the Arab Diaspora

Darcy A. Zabel

Arabs in the Americas: Interdisciplinary Essays on the Arab Diaspora comprises twelve essays by Arab and non-Arab writers from the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Middle East. Offering more than just an introduction or a celebration of the Arab American presence in the Americas, the essays aim at expanding readers’ understanding of what it means to be part of the Arab diaspora and to live in the Americas. Chapters are written from a wide range of experiences and academic disciplines, and focus on ethnic and cultural studies, American studies, and Arab studies and examine important aspects of the Arab diaspora in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Organized into four sections, «Arriving in the Americas,» «The Experience of the Americas,» «Assessing the Americas,» and «After 9/11,» this book features different experiences of Arabs living in North and South America from a perspective that is both scholarly and reflective.
Contents: Darcy A. Zabel: Introduction. The Arab Diaspora in the Americas: Latin America, the United States, and Canada – Carol N. Fadda-Conrey: The Passage from West to South: Arabs between the Old and New World – John Tofik Karam: Margins of Memory on the Rua 25 de Março: Constructing the Syrian-Lebanese Past in São Paulo, Brazil – Hani Ismaeal Elayyan: The Syrian World in the New World: The Contextual Beginnings of Arab American Literature and the Part It Played in Identity Formation – Kirk Scott: Multiple Identities: Lebanese Arab Christians in the American West – Nader Ayish: Stereotypes, Popular Culture, and School Curricula: How Arab American Muslim High School Students Perceive and Cope with Being the «Other» – Sharon Lopez/Katharine S. Speer: Arabs in Honduras: Immigration, Integration, and the Palestinian Presence – Steven Salaita: Gazing East from the Americas: Assessing the Cultural Significance of Modern Arab American Literature – Amira Jarmakani: Belly Dancing for Liberation: A Critical Interpretation of Reclamation Rhetoric in the American Belly Dance Community – Carolyn Speer Schmidt: Not Just Disney: Destructive Stereotypes of Arabs in Children’s Literature – Omar Alghabra: Arab? Muslim? Canadian? A Question of Identity – Deirdre King Hainsworth: Apologies and Amnesias: Protestant Engagement with Arab American Communities since 9/11 – Rula Sharkawi: Being Arab: Growing Up Canadian.