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Television’s Take on the Real


Kristina Riegert

Politicotainment focuses on how political life is interpreted, negotiated, and represented by television entertainment, in particular by drama series, late night comedy, and «reality-based» programs. Real political issues are converging in today’s television tableau, prompting questions about performance, interactivity, and engagement. The authors in this collection share the notion that entertainment formats are important sources of political culture, and inform political processes. Politicotainment links theories about the relationship between public and private, fact and fiction, and politics and popular culture to the changes taking place in the television industry, journalism, celebrity activism, and political content in entertainment programming.
Contents: Kristina Riegert: Introduction – John Hartley: «Reality» and the Plebiscite – Göran Bolin: The Politics of Cultural Production: The Journalistic Field, Television, and Politics – Mark Andrejevic: Faking Democracy: Reality Television Politics on American Candidate – Valentina Cardo/John Street: Vote for Me: Playing at Politics – Jeffrey P. Jones: «Fake» News versus «Real» News as Sources of Political Information: The Daily Show and Postmodern Political Reality – Thaïs Machado-Borges: Brazilian Telenovelas, Fictionalized Politics, and the Merchandising of Social Issues – Sue Collins: Traversing Authenticities: The West Wing President and the Activist Sheen – Kristina Riegert: The Ideology of The West Wing: The Television Show That Wants To Be Real – Rune Ottosen: The Reagans: Fiction, History, or Propaganda? – Rikke Schubart: Storytelling for a Nation: Spielberg, Memory, and the Narration of War.