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Uses of Blogs


Axel Bruns and Joanne Jacobs

Uses of Blogs brings together scholars and practitioners from a wide range of fields to offer a broad spectrum of perspectives on current and emerging uses of blogs. Blogging is rapidly developing into a mainstream activity for Internet users, but beyond the popular headlines, there has been very little serious research done on their actual application in specific, everyday contexts. One reason for this is that the variety of styles of blogging – news blogs and political commentary blogs, marketing blogs, corporate dark blogs, fictional blogs, educational blogs, to name just a few – make it difficult to generalize and to imagine how blogs might be used in particular environments. This pathbreaking new book demonstrates the application of blogs and blogging in the full range of industrial and social contexts.
Contents: Axel Bruns/Joanne Jacobs: Introduction – Axel Bruns: The Practice of News Blogging – Jane B. Singer: Journalists and News Bloggers: Complements, Contradictions, and Challenges – Joanne Jacobs: Publishing and Blogs – Trevor Cook: Can Blogging Unspin PR? – Suw Charman: Blogs in Business: Using Blogs behind the Firewall – John Quiggin: Economic Blogs and Blog Economics – Ian Oi: Blogging the Legal Commons – James Farmer: Blogging to Basics: How Blogs Are Bringing Online Education Back from the Brink – Jean Burgess: Blogging to Learn, Learning to Blog – Alexander Halavais: Scholarly Blogging: Moving toward the Visible College – Jill Walker: Blogging from Inside the Ivory Tower – Mark Bahnisch: The Political Uses of Blogs – Melissa Gregg: Posting with Passion: Blogs and the Politics of Gender – Gerard Goggin/Tim Noonan: Blogging Disability: The Interface between New Cultural Movements and Internet Technology – Jaz Hee-jeong Choi: Living in Cyworld: Contextualizing Cy-Ties in South Korea – Paul Hodkinson: Subcultural Blogging? Online Journals and Group Involvement among U.K. Goths – Angela Thomas: Fictional Blogs – Adrian Miles: A Vision for Genuine Rich Media Blogging – Brian Fitzgerald/Damien O’Brien: Bloggers and the Law – Joanne Jacobs/Douglas Rushkoff: Blogs and the Communications Renaissance – Axel Bruns: What’s Next for Blogging?