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Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses

Diversity Issues in Higher Education


O. Gilbert Brown, Kandace G. Hinton and Mary Howard-Hamilton

Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses provides a comprehensive and inclusive lens of diversity for nearly every aspect of higher education: academic affairs administration, faculty tenure and promotion, student affairs administration, student athletes in revenue-producing sports, enrollment management, and business. It addresses relevant concerns for faculty who teach in higher education and student affairs graduate preparation, social foundations of education, counseling, educational psychology, educational policy, and educational leadership and administration programs, and can be used as a training manual for new and continuing faculty and staff in student, business, and academic affairs as well as governance.
Contents: O. Gilbert Brown/Kandace Hinton/Mary Howard-Hamilton: Unleashing Suppressed Voices at Colleges and Universities: The Role of Case Studies in Understanding Diversity in Higher Education – Mary F. Howard-Hamilton: Applying Theory to Practice – Kandace Hinton: Using Cases for Teaching and Learning – Michelle L. McClure: Collegiate Desegregation: Can Historically Black Colleges and Universities Maintain their Mission and Identity in the Midst of Desegregating? – Rachelle Winkle Wagner: Oppressive or Educational? A Case of Controversial Campus Artifacts – Susan D. Johnson: In the Name of Honor: Impact of American Indian Mascots at Institutions of Higher Education – O. Gilbert Brown: Organized Anarchy in Student Affairs: Organizational Structures Impact Black Greek Letter Organizations' Campus Experiences – Lori D. Patton: Conflict in the Midst of Culture: The Transition From Cultural Center to Multicultural Center – John W. Moore: Doing the Right Thing When Caught in the Cross Fire – Madhu Verma Soin/Jerlando F. L. Jackson: Where do South Asian American Women Administrators Fit in? The Case of Jasmine Kaur at Mega University – Marie L. Miville/Madonna G. Constantine: Sin Fronteras: Negotiating Administrative Roles in Higher Education as a Woman of Color – Suzanne E. Eckes/Christi M. Smith: Affirmative Action and Faculty Hiring – Kimberly Lenease King-Jupiter/Devona L. Foster: Neo-Racism/Neo-Discrimination and Faculty Hiring: Chronicling the Perpetuation of Racial Privilege – Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher: «Tick-tock». The Convergence of the Biological and Tenure Clock in the Lives of Academic Women – Benetta E. Fairley/Edward A. Delgado-Romero: Over-Commitment As a Way of Life for Faculty and Graduate Students of Color: A Systemic (and Personal) Issue – Robin L. Hughes/James Satterfield: Minorities are Encouraged to Apply… But We are Hiring the Most Qualified – Edward Delgado-Romero: Perfecting the Status Quo – Fabio Rojas: Faculty Development Issues in a Department of Black Studies – Theresa A. Ochoa: A Special Case of Diversity: Students with Disabilities in Higher Education – Midge Madden: «Speaking Out» in the University: A Case Study of Basic Skills Students and Their Teacher Enacting a Critical Literacy – Adrienne Leslie-Toogood/Marilyn Kaff/Teresa Miller: Student-Athlete or Athlete-Student? – Ted N. Ingram: Faith In The Academy: Developing Religious Diversity in a Judeo-Christian Dominant Culture – Daisy Rodriquez: Asian American and Pacific Islander Students: A Displaced Minority? – Jeffrey S. McKinney: Higher Education in Transition: Gender Identity on College Campuses – Nancy M. Gimbel: LGBTQ: Finding Our Place – Frank E. Ross/Julia M. Lash: Identity Development and Transition Issues in the First-year Experience – O. Gilbert Brown/Christopher Riddick: Student Affairs Unit's Stepchildren: Black Greek Letter Organizations Receive Unsatisfactory Advising – Darnell G. Cole: Blue Diamond University Campus Climate and Student Life: Becoming Greek – M. Queen: Divine University – Joshua B. Powers: Set Up for Failure? – Angela Davis: Separate But Unequal: The Case of a Black Alumni Association – Michele Scott Taylor/Sara Sadhwani: Student Governance and the Politics of Race – Monica Galloway Burke: Implementing Diversity Initiatives in a Challenging Organizational Climate.