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Where Do We Go from Here?

Issues in the Sustainability of Professional Development School Partnerships

Jane E. Neapolitan and Terry R. Berkeley

As teacher preparation undergoes closer scrutiny on the national scene, reformers ask: What is the future of Professional Development Schools (PDS)? How can research better address the developmental needs of partnerships? What types of organizational structures can ensure partnership success? What is the future of leadership in PDS? Are diversity and social justice – part of the original PDS vision – being served, as well? Written by scholar-practitioners who represent a new generation of PDS researchers, this book is a valuable source of critical analysis, reflection, and implications for taking PDS partnerships into the future for true school-university-community collaboration.
Contents: Alison Rutter: Foreword – Alison Rutter: The Evolution of the PDS Research Landscape – Jane E. Neapolitan/Jeanne L. Tunks: A Developmental Approach to Research on Professional Development Schools – Jonatha W. Vare: Response on Future Directions: Inquiry - Research - Evaluation – Claudia A. Balach: Building Capacity for Professional Development School Work: Using a Taxonomic Approach to the NCATE PDS Standards – Roberta Trachtman: In the Beginning: Planning the Professional Development School – Felipe Golez/Linda Symcox: Refashioning the Professional Development School through Masters Certification – Van Dempsey: Response on Future Directions: Structure, Process, and Expected Outcomes – Connie L. Fulmer/Carole G. Basile: Investigating Distributed Leadership in Professional Development Schools: Implications for Principals, Schools, and School Districts – Terry R. Berkeley: Interweaving, Interwoven: Perspective on PDS Leadership from the University with the School – Cynthia Hartzler-Miller: Response on Future Directions: Leadership – Donna Sobel/Sherry Taylor: Fostering Diversity-Responsive Teaching Practices in Multiple Ways and Multiple Contexts – Mary Harrell/Tania Ramalho/Barbara A. Beyerbach: Are We Promoting an Understanding of Diversity? – Bonnie Konopak: Response on Future Directions: Community, Diversity, and Social Justice – Jane E. Neapolitan/Terry R. Berkeley: Afterword.