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Reflections on Europe in Transition

Ursula Beitter

Reflections on Europe in Transition consists of a selection of articles presented at the «The New Europe at the Crossroads» conference held in Poznan, Poland (2005). The diverse contributions from scholars in the fields of political science, modern languages, philosophy, economics, and sociology examine a variety of issues: the myth of a united Europe, the impact of globalization on national identity, the fate of immigrant populations, integration, as well as the state of Germany fifteen years after unification. The contributions also raise the issue of terrorism and some of the European response to it.
Contents: Ursula E. Beitter: Reflections on Europe in Transition: Questions of Identity – Steven M. Gardner: The Andalusia of Antonio Gala: Mythic Moors versus Modern-Day Immigration – Françoise Ghillebaert: Translating or the Dilemma of Linguistic Representation In the European Union – Linda Materna: Globalization and African Immigration in Spanish Film: Chus Gutiérrez’s Poniente (West, 2002) – Michael McAnear: East Germany: 15 Years After – Gary Overvold: Justifying the European Union Constitution – Elke Segelcke: Cultural Otherness and Beyond: From Discourses of Cultural Identity and «Clash of Civilizations» to a Transnational Aesthetics in the Works of Zafer Senocak – Barry Seldes: The EU Military Policy and the Question of Militarization – Simon Sweeney: 9/11 Disorder and the European Response: The Values of International Society – Steve Watson: Trading Places: Europe for Sale – Andrzej Zaporowski: Union Sunrise and the Past.