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Refined Consequentialism

The Moral Theory of Richard A. McCormick

Patrick Andrew Tully

Refined Consequentialism critically examines the moral vision offered by the late Richard A. McCormick, the premier American Catholic moral theologian of the post-Vatican II era. Taking a philosophical approach to a debate carried on primarily by moral theologians, the author presents a forceful case that McCormick’s brand of proportionalism belongs in the ranks of consequentialist moral theories. In doing so, the author stakes out a clear position on one side of a crucial debate that goes to the heart of the Catholic and Christian moral tradition. This book may serve as a text in both undergraduate and graduate courses that deal with contemporary Catholic (and secular) moral thought. A broader public – one interested in the history of moral theology and in the ethical-theoretical underpinnings of the current debates within the churches on euthanasia, supporting pro-choice politicians, and removal of nutrition and hydration from gravely ill patients – will also find this book of great interest.